a zine. (this is issue #1)

what if this were hypercard? would we see everything in little boxes? tiny boxes that are on the internet. there's lots of people that make things for the general public but if we're trapped in this echo chamber

trapped in the echo chamber of our own data silos

One day, there was a fairy princess and her cohorts who all lived in a bell jar, the largest bell jar seen in the mystic kingdom. However, they did not see their bell jar. They got confused sometimes when flies would sit in midair, gently washing their hands and feeling nervous about their efficacy as a short-lived creature. One of her cohorts, a narslug named Richard, got drunk off fermented barley and started getting upset about the myserious spiders that did not hang by threads but walked back and forth near the hardware store at the edge of town. "How can they do such a thing?!" he cried, twisting and untwisting his eyeballs around his single horn. "This is preposterous! I simply cannot accept that this is the natural order of things."

The fairy princess came closer to Richard, close enough to smell the barley coming from his oozy footprint. "Perhaps the spiders have become enchanted by a powerful force toward the distance. I cannot see why such mystery bothers you, dear Richard." She patted the edge of his foot, attempting to console him.

"Such unsolved matters keep me awake at night as I stare at the distant sky. I gaze towards the heavens some nights and then these so called enchanted fruitflies... why, their faces simply krinkle up as if they had run into an invisible rock!" Richard's eyeballs stood straight up, then wilted to the ground. "I am determined to understand the source of this issue."

The fairy princess, whose name was Nina, shook her head and stared up toward the distance, trying to understand the thoughts of a drunken narslug. Perhaps there was more to this humble world that they could not see with the naked eye. She handed him a flower-cup and a wad of Queen Anne's lace so that he may soothe his future sore stomach and returned home to her nest. Nina lived in a tall rosebush, the entrance of whih was obscured by nettles, and made of sage and other miscellaneous branches held together by propolis and lined with a comfortable moss. She was well protected from any nefarious forces like angry wasps or disgruntled state employee field mice, but could never really see well from that vantage point to the outside except for a covert back exit covered by moss-lined rocks. She stared out the back to a tiny pond and thought perhaps an adventure with Richard and other brave creatures was due. She was a princess after all, wasn't it within her power to decree an adventure? She found her small rucksack in a pile near the bed and stuffed it with emergency supplies, then fell promptly asleep.